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The Content Strategy Sprint

This 30-day intensive is here to help you hit the ground sprinting.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have a clear, full-spectrum action plan and custom marketing strategy designed to convert into high-quality leads.

The journey...

Brand positioning + bespoke content strategy.

A half-day workshop designed to get clear on what makes your brand 1 of 0 - how to stand above the noise of social media. Who is most interested in buying and how to gain their attention & trust. Who is most ready to purchase, and how to make their decision easier.

Develop 30 days of content.

We’ll craft value-based content for social media, ads, podcasts, email, etc. using my proven "Chainlink" framework. The goal here is to help you and create a blueprint for creating this content in the future. And the knowledge of the 1-2 main areas where your content may need tweaks.

The workflow and feedback loop.

Your custom social media workflow process will make managing your brand content simple & easy. Help increase the volume and quality of content you publish. Gain valuable feedback from your social media efforts and implement testing systems. And easily track and attribute specific social media efforts to business growth.

Support, guidance, and maintaining trajectory.

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  • Who is this for?
    This Offer Is For Solopreneurs / Founders / CEOs & CMOs... 1) Who are (or whose brand is) experienced service providers. e.g. Past clients include Marketing agencies, health & wellness, real estate, and coaching. 2) Who are confident in the value they provide to customers. 3) Who are already earning from their business. Typically from ~50k-100k per year, up to seven figures. 🤝 The best-fit person for this program will be… Excited to entertain, inspire, and serve their audience every day. Open to innovation, and excited about pushing creative boundaries. Someone who understands that effective brand content goes beyond aesthetics. Someone who values the power of storytelling, psychology, and strategic messaging to connect with people. Someone who has the availability to create content -OR- has a team to delegate content marketing activities & projects to. They'll also be clear (at least within themselves) about what their niche is. Even if they would like to get more specific about how they articulate it. They won't ❌ be pivoting their business to a type of customer they haven't worked with before or providing a service that they haven't validated before.
  • Do I need this?
    The clients I work with are ready to scale up their social media marketing efforts and increase brand awareness, but struggle with: Managing lots of content across platforms. Maintaining consistency across different marketing channels. Measuring the real business impact of their content strategy. Crafting brand messaging, social content, and advertising content & copy that stands above the noise and compels ideal clients to reach out.
  • What results can I expect?
    ✅ When clients come to me, our intention is to... 1. Increase their brand's visibility & authority. 2. Be the memorable, obvious choice to ideal clients. 3. Drive conversions, and ultimately boost their bottom line. 4. Have a calculated social media strategy backed by data and industry best practices. 5. Have a bespoke, bold content strategy that not only drives attention & interest but also leads to meaningful business growth. 6. Experience a significant improvement in performance metrics, like high-intent lead engagement, sales cycle length, and conversion rates. 7. Have a streamlined management process & efficient communication to make the most of their time. 8. Have their input valued, contributing to the development of effective branding and content strategies. 9. Have a partner who can offer strategic guidance, expert insight, and hands-on support to transform their brand's content strategy & deliver measurable outcomes. (TL;DR) ↪️ After working together, they have a content strategy that drives better leads, more brand awareness, and makes sales easier. Without fussing w/the algorithms or throwing more money into paid ads.
  • What do we work on?
    🏆 The 30-day Content Strategy Sprint. Here are the 4 things we cover: 1️⃣ Clarifying your brand identity + unique content strategy. This is the biggest thing I've found that can increase sales AND decrease the length of the sales cycle. → Because your ideal customers have a better understanding of what they're buying. My process for clarifying brand identity & building effective social media content has been refined over 49,000 hours. (Over 5 years working with clients on their social media marketing). We will use it to get you clear on things like: What makes your brand 1 of 0 → And how to stand above the noise online. Who exactly is most interested in buying → And how to gain their attention & trust. Who exactly is most ready to purchase → And how to make their decision easier. 2️⃣ Writing up a bespoke social media workflow and feedback loop. This framework I created 4+ years ago is designed to do 2 things: 1) Get your ideal customers to: Easily find you, even in a crowded market. Quickly resonate & engage with your brand and social content. Easily understand how their lives would be better with your service. Choose you over the competition. Reach out and buy from you. Refer you to others. 2) And help you: Make managing your brand content simple & easy. Increase the volume and quality of content you publish. Gain valuable feedback from your efforts & implement testing systems. Easily track and attribute specific content efforts to business growth. 3️⃣ Develop 30 days of content using your new content strategy. We’ll craft value-based content for social media, ads, podcasts, etc. → Using my proven "Chainlink" framework. It’s designed to: Grab the attention of your ideal customers every time. Decrease the amount of objections you face from prospects. Relate to your offer(s) so that your content is customer-generating. Leverage psychology & human behavior to drive long-term content & brand success. Educate your audience over time about how your brand solves the various problems they have. Be easy to manage, refine, and scale as your business grows. The goal here is to help you and/or your team create a blueprint for creating this content in the future. And the knowledge of the 1-2 main areas where your content may need tweaks. This will empower you to fly the nest. (So you don't need me to review every single post when we're finished working together.) 4️⃣ Support, guide, and remain in alignment with the goal. After the initial workshop in week 1 - I’ll meet with you (and/or your team) once per week over the next 3 weeks. The meetings allow for a seamless transition between the new content strategy and the execution plan. Ensuring successful implementation of the strategy and generating positive results. You also have access to me in between meetings. Through text support via Notion and email, you can ask questions, get feedback, or review ideas. All clients get my best practices for: Demand creation, content creation (video / image / written), content editing, copywriting, trend analysis, A/B testing, and more. Note: There’s flexibility to shift more or less emphasis towards each of the 4 stages, depending on your objectives and needs.
  • What's included?
    As part of The Content Strategy Sprint, you get... 1. Full-Scope Brand / Social Media Audit. 2. A Half-Day Workshop (~5hrs - 1:1 and/or with Team). 3. Three virtual on-on-one Consultations (w/option of in-person). 4. Access To Your Own Client Dashboard and Project Manager. 5. Unlimited reviews of your content and copywriting via Notion and email, in between meetings. Bonus #1 | Guides, References, &andResources for social media content strategy & creation. Bonus #2 | Savings on other services from my trusted parallel partners. Services like: Social Media Management, Video Production & Editing, Paid Ads, Websites & Landing Pages, SEO, Graphic Design, Virtual Assistants, and more.
  • How much is it?
    The investment for this program is $5,650. (Tiny compared to the amount of brainpower that I put into going over your business with a fine-toothed comb, the number of years I've spent sharpening my eye to know what to look for & ability to spot it at lightning speed, and the results that kind of precision gets.) My clients have increased: Lead volume by over 200% Return on ad spend by over 4x Customer lifetime value by over 30% …All from the clarity they've gotten on how to develop social media content that attracts a loyal community and engaged buyers.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    🤝 Yes. Here’s my guarantee to you. ↪ As long as you complete all aligned actions from the workshop, the consults, and the provided social media resources & guides… If you don’t see an improvement in lead volume and/or lead quality within 90 days, you don’t pay.
  • Has this worked for others?
    🎯 Absolutely. If you want to see case study results & testimonials from past clients... Click here ⤵
  • What are the next steps?
    If you're interested in The Content Strategy Sprint (or have questions about it)... → Book a 15-minute call We'll have a conversation to see what the best plan of action is for you. If you're not sure this particular program is the perfect fit for you, but you’d still like my help in some way. I encourage you to DM me on LinkedIn. We'll discuss whether there is another offer I can create for you.

Lara L., Media Law Group, Entertainment Company Executive

“The primary benefit to working with Haylee is she understands we are result-driven. Our social media numbers are climbing steadily now thanks in great part to Haylee's brilliance. Of all the people we have brought in to improve our numbers - Haylee is by far the best.”

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