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Haylee Kalani
High-performance Coach
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Kalani Consulting

Self-Mastery Coach for people who want to live their dream 🤾‍♂️ life, perform at the top of their game and feel d*mn good while doing it.

What You Can Expect...

Kick Off

Meet with me to go over your current struggles, habits, goals, etc... We'll pinpoint the leaky holes that are preventing you from growing & performing at your highest potential ...

Plan Execution

I'll draft up our customized coaching plan to start helping you become more focused, clear, productive, creative, joyous, and abundant each & every new day you wake up...

Stay Connected

We'll work together to turn you into the knight in shining armor of your industry. You'll become an out-of-the-box thinker, innovative creator, and adaptive leader in this game called business...

Reap the benefits

Enjoy having loyal, supportive, inspired clients, and community. Bask in the feeling of fulfillment knowing that you're impacting lives by living in your highest power & potential...


Don't just take my word for it.

Highest Performance = More Impact = More Income.
Without creating a sh*t ton of To-Do lists, feeling frantic chasing the next new 'tactic' or 'strategy', falling into "hustle culture", or wondering why you don't have more time for YOU...

Who is she??

I've had this longing feeling ever since I was a kid... Maybe you can relate...

It's a really conflicting sensation at times. Most of the time it feels satisfying, fulfilling, aligned, exciting, and a bit scary…


It's the urge to continue trying out really cool sh*t that intrigues, fuels, and scares me no matter what.

Not just activities like swimming with whale sharks or discovering natural springs in nature (although I’ve checked both off of my bucket list)… But something bigger that could change my life & the lives of others for generations to come.

I had dreams of being a music producer/engineer, an entrepreneur, a mentor/coach, an artist community+ label founder & CEO…

And through my 3 virtues of Creativity, Adaptability, Connectivity I've been able to accomplish all of that and more in less than 5 years.

See, I was shielded from doing "risky things" as a kid…


Right around 10 years old, I got diagnosed with Aplastic anemia. I was in and out of the hospital, going through surgeries, and nasty medication for a handful of years.

So finally, after getting signed off as officially in remission, the world (+ everything in it) was my oyster and I tackled life with a new lens from then on.

My mission is to help you recreate this self-mastery in your own life.

To guide you through the transformation into becoming the most creative, effective, and driven version of yourself and feel d*mn good while doing it.

If you're looking for help with:

✔️ Productivity // Leadership // Creative Expansion & Consulting // Self-Mastery // Emotional Intelligence

✔️ Mastering how to connect with the right people (clients, network, personal relationships, etc) to support your desires/goals

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Tiny Bragging Corner

✅ One of my clients was able to sign on 2 new clients for her business with just a total of 4hrs of working together.

✅ Another client achieved her highest-grossing month ever while working together.

✅ And another was able to dramatically increase his online presence on ALL 5 social platforms in less than 30 days.

girl in an orange jacket standing in front of the space needle in Seattle Washington. She is the owner of Kalani Consulting LLC. A content & advertising specialist for all brands that have a presence online.


Abundant Entrepreneur Coaching Program

For the Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs // CEO's // Executives 

90-Days. 12 Coaching Sessions. Total creative transformation...


You have a drive inside of you to help others...


I believe that in order to impact lives in the highest capacity, we must first become the highest version of ourselves...


It's your responsibility to take on that challenge & figure out the best way to reach enough of the right eyes & ears with your message, to make positive change within your community and positive $$$ in your wallet

- It's time to become -

  • An innovative & compassionate leader.

  • The architect of your own life.

  • A critical problem-solver.

  • An abundance attractor.

  • Clear & focused on every next 'move'.

  • Creatively confident.

  • Hyper efficient.



1:1 Half-Day Training

For the Mission-Driven Creatives // Entrepreneurs // Exectutives //  Freelancers

4 hours of face-to-face learning. Conquer the building blocks necessary to become your highest creative-self, and slay the game...

Go from feeling stuck, flustered, lacking creative confidence, and feeling unclear & impatient...

- To -

Embodying confidence in your ability to get sh*t done, create innovative ideas, and positively impact lives through honing in your true potential & utilizing it to attract more abundance.


1hr Breakthrough Coaching Session

For the Mission-Driven Creatives // Entrepreneurs // Freelancers

1hr with me, dedicated to helping you go from:

Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, unsure of how to get unstuck, sensing a growing detachment from your work, relationships (professional & personal) are being strained, find it hard to attract the right clients, get caught up in problem-solving, have creative blocks…

- To -

Understanding the exact next steps to take in order to become someone that solves problems with ease, feels energized, aligned, joyous each day, has confidence in their skills, and attracts the right people that help them increase their impact & income, and achieves their desires...

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Don't Know Where to Start or need something else?

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I'll then give you a clear next step (a piece of advice) that'll put you in the right direction to get you closer to the specific goals you've shared with me.

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