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Don't just take it from me. Hear it from these folks. Here's Gary Ware, the Founder of Breakthrough Play...


The difference is in the pudding... (that's how the saying goes, right?)

As a facilitator, Haylee's "superpower" comes not from putting on valuable workshops and collaborating with stellar teams... (there are many people who can do that).

Her superpower comes from her ability to observe and connect with individuals & groups, plus the problems, goals, and big questions they face, and create a 360-experience that leads to a defined, step-by-step solution that will be tested, and validated.

Haylee's expertise in content creation, social media marketing/advertising
, high-performance coaching, event development, and real estate... have all aided in her flexible ability to teach teams to work effortlessly together and triumph over any obstacle over & over again.

That's me, Haylee Kalani McDonald!

Give your team fuel.

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The ability to innovate new ideas & progress them forward efficiently. In turn, amplifying the growth of the organization as a whole and accomplishing the common goal with the least effort.

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The ability to first recognize barriers within the company/team, then release them using communication strategies that create unity & flow within the organization, all the way through project or goal completion.

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The ability to ask the right questions that diagnose problems, and implement clear solutions via real-time practice and guidance. Your team, armed with the perfect set of tools to be bulletproof.

Help your team get clear, save time, be happier,
and make more money.
Guaranteed, or you don't pay.

"Huddle" - Workshop

For individuals and small business teams consisting of 1-8 people. Goal: Create a clear solution to 1 major "block" or question your business has been trying to solve.

"Sprint" - Workshop

For the big projects, decisions, product launches, and more... this is best for business teams consisting of 4-10+ people. Goal: Start with a big project/idea, battle test it, and end up with a definitive solution/test launch in less than 1 week.

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